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Forest School Rangers

Our forest school rangers are back on the ranch! We are thrilled that this week that we can now welcome both current and new rangers to our sessions. Congratulations to all our rangers we are sure you will be a very positive addition to the forest school team!

Our helpful rangers this year are Jaspar, Logan, Kobi, Isabelle, Kieran, Oliver and Saul.

The Important Stuff...

Rangers will need to be reminded to wash their hands before coming over and to socially distance while over in the site, they do not need to wear a mask as it is outside, although if they prefer to this is also fine. They can come straight over to the forest school site to meet Jessica Rain and Sonia Sunshine for each session they are joining.

Rangers Remember...

Please ensure you have waterproof over trousers, a coat (preferably waterproof) and appropriate footwear. At the moment wellies are OK, but as the weather gets colder we do recommend walking boots as they keep your feet much warmer.

Please note; LiDl have some great deals on at the moment for childrens rainwear - so grab the bargains while you can! They are really good quality too as well as being reasonably priced.​

Code of Conduct Reminder...

  • Help forest school staff organise the equipment to set up forest school and to tidy away after the session.

  • Try to be a good example to the students throughout the session.

  • Follow the forest school agreements for assisting students when using tools and any equipment whilst at the forest school site, this sets a good example to the students.

  • Wear appropriate clothing to suit the the weather.

  • Bring a drink to keep hydrated if you wish to.

  • Let the students lead their play.

  • Always tell the staff if you see or hear anything that is a cause for concern or you.

  • Take time out if you personally need to whilst at forest school, this is ok.

  • Let staff support students if they become heightened.

  • Most of all... ENJOY!!

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