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Gretton Has Talent

Worried about being at home? Bored? Need to move your body? Need to practice a song or a monologue but don’t have an audience? Need to express yourself? Want to set yourself a challenge?

Let’s make the most out of our time at home and make it fun & creative!

Artists NEVER stop creating, and now is the time to show up, share your talents, & spread some much-needed joy!

Introducing… the Gretton Digital Talent Show!

This competition is open to any student or staff member at School!

Challenge: film yourself doing one of your special talents (singing, acting/storytelling, dancing, gymnastics, playing a piece of music, magic, slam poetry, stand up comedy, visual art, spoken word, making/creating something, yoga poses, tiktok dances, tricks, etc). The sky is the limit - nothing (school appropriate) is off limits! Acts can be 1-2 minutes long & applicants can submit 1 video weekly. Bonus points when you involve a family member or friend, include costumes/props or cool venues!

INSTRUCTIONS FOR VIDEO: Introduce yourself by saying your Full Name: Class or Job Role and then show your talent! Make sure you have your parent/carers permission, where required.

Video submissions will be posted on Gretton's YouTube channel when they are received & approved, this will be 'unlisted' which means only people with the link can view. The Gretton Community will vote on the top videos at the end of our home-learning experience. There will be a prize for the best overall performance! Soooo... get thinking, get filming and submit your videos to:

Here are things to think about when filming:

VIDEO: An iPhone, tablet or Android phone will do wonderfully.

LIGHTING: Find a place where there is an abundance of natural light in front of you if possible. Natural light coming from a window illuminating the actor’s face/body is best. You do not want there to be any bright windows or lights behind you – this will create shadows. If you do not have access to a window, consider arranging floor lamps, desk lamps or other lighting in front of you illuminating your face. You can even use other phones with their flash on to provide extra light in a pinch.

CLUTTER: Remove all clutter from the place you’ll be recording. This doesn’t mean the room or space can’t have character or personality, but it should feel neat and non-distracting.

SPACING: Ideally you don’t want to be right up against a wall, as it can make the viewer feel uncomfortable. Consider standing at least 12 inches or more from a wall.

AUDIO: Standing on a carpet or rug is best as it will make the room sound less echo-y. Close the doors and windows to make the room as quiet as possible so the only thing that can be heard is your voice. Standing further from a wall will also help to reduce echo reflections.

FRAMING: The video should be shot in LANDSCAPE You should be in the center of the frame with the bottom of the frame at the bottom of your chest and the top of the frame slightly above the top of your head.

SITTING OR STANDING: Ideally, the camera should remain stationary in one position throughout the scene otherwise you risk distracting your viewer. If you have asked someone to film you don’t let the person behind the camera try any artsy or fancy camera movements! GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN!

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