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Gretton Students Travel to Barcelona

This week, Gretton secondary students have had a fantastic start to their residential trip in Barcelona. The trip is jam-packed with exciting new activities and, by the sounds of things, the group is having a great time!

Trip leader Mr Thomas says:

"Great first day - in fact, the words used by students were 'overall pretty perfect'. Students who don't normally speak were talking non-stop, and endless new friendship groups are being formed. Students are even going off independently and achieving their goals. A huge success!

"Every single student is surpassing all expectations and pushing boundaries that they may never have dreamed of. The levels of communication, confidence, care and enjoyment are phenomenal."

Yesterday, the group visited La Sagrada Familia followed by the beach. They then enjoyed some free time before heading to the escape rooms.

Today, the group heads out to a variety of different locations: art galleries, food markets, famous landmarks, bowling, more escape rooms, the Gothic quarter and more!

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